One day, one fine day…

Fairy...I am a huge admirer of Woody Allen and my favorite quote from him reads as follows:

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” [Woody Allen]

It’s not only funny, but also unbelievably comforting, I believe. Makes you smile at yourself when again things don’t turn out as you had planned. As you had expected. As you had prepared everything so diligently. So carefully. So sure it will work along schedule and project plan. As it had to.

As these things go, I had 3 New Year’s resolutions this year:
1. Run the San Francisco Marathon
2. Change something about my job and
3. Finally fulfill a dream that I have been having since I was at university: travel Iceland by bicycle

And as these things also go, and even as the year is barely half through, I have to admit that I only managed to live up to two resolutions:
First, I ran the San Francisco Marathon successfully three weeks ago. What an awesome event! I have blogged about it already.

Second, I changed my job significantly this week taking on a new challenge for SAP — and for myself. What an exciting opportunity!

Trolls...But number three, I had to cancel last week due to number two. And with that, the infamous “window of opportunity” has closed for this year — particularly given the weather conditions in Iceland. There’s currently no way to fit the trip into my schedule. Seems I know one New Year’s resolution for next year already.

But perhaps, just perhaps, these dreams you have for years are supposed to remain dreams. Just for the sake of it. Just to remind you that there’s more to long for. Otherwise — would it have been such a big dream over so many years?

Towards Greenland...So I sit in LH454 again, flying over the Norwegian Sea, approaching Greenland ahead, wondering whether everything does indeed happen for a reason as they say or whether it was the trolls and the fairies, watching us pass Iceland on the inflight info system, somewhere several hundred kilometers below and to the southwest, on our route from Frankfurt to San Francisco, absorbing the surreal scene like through a tiny window of a Sojus space capsule floating silently on its orbit in outer space, dreaming that one day, one fine day, one fine day finally, I am going to make it to Iceland… 😉


  1. I – personally – like the way you are writing and transferring your thoughts into words. It’s good to see that even Senior Mgmt colleagues 😉 have dreams which are not always dependent on daily business.
    Sometimes you need to adjust plans/dreams because of reality and situations but dreams should never be forgotten. Curious to read which prio the bike-tour has on your backlog-list 🙂
    By the way… very interesting Blog.

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