… of the cold. 10°C yesterday when I was out running, now we’re back at 2°C. It’s a freezing cold Siberian wind blowing from the East that takes all efforts to stop me, creeping through my soft-shell jacket, showing no merci with me. I feel like a turtle that wants to hide its head away in its shell, trying to minimize the skin surface that is exposed to fierce nature. For a moment the question passes my mind why I am out here? I wish I were 5725 miles away, somewhere warmer and less windy. But then I tell myself that I am not that easy to break. So all of me retreats into my inner shell, cutting myself off from the surrounding, my eyes locking in onto the trail ahead of me, my feet mechanically pushing me forward like a clockwork. The cold air hurts in the lungs with every breath and forces tears into my eyes. Which are nicely complemented by the song that I have chosen to keep me running today because of its powerful beat: Dry Your Eyes from Angels & Airwaves. LOL 😉

Sometimes, especially when traveling and in spots where I have not been before, I love running because it’s a beautiful way of exploring the surrounding. You take a steady pace, not too fast, and just keep going while you let your eyes absorb the scenery: a city just waking up early in the morning and people pouring out of the subway on their way to work, the illuminated shop windows in a main street at night immersed into magic neon light, majestic mountains encircling a lake in the Alps. When in “exploration mode”, I keep running and my mind nearly feels like floating around freely, open, curious, all around, going here and there, just absorbing. It’s a great way of finding out more about new places.

But sometimes, like today, when you know your way by heart, if one could send you out there with your eyes blind-folded or at pitch-black night, because you know the trail by heart, you’ve run there a hundred times, know every pothole you need to avoid and every tree root you shouldn’t stumble over, and if then the weather seems to have made plans to play games with you, then running is the exact opposite. Then I lock myself in. I don’t look left or right, just straight down in front of me. I put the music to maximum volume, have some song with a decent pace push me along, every part of my mind concentrated somewhere inside me (hopefully the head ;-)) and there is just one thing to do: Keep running. Forget all the rest. And keep going.

I like it both ways. The latter one is a bit harder to your will. But if I get into it, and add a bit of anger about the cold, or the wind, it’s the perfect mood to push myself over the limit. Just like today. Because when you start against the wind, and as usual want to return home after a while, the wind will have to blow in your direction at some point in time, no matter what. And that makes you just “fly” back home.

It got dark by the time I return back home. What a lousy weather. Enough of it now. Let spring come please. But for now I feel — fantastic again 🙂

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