Counting down the hours…

It’s cold. 0°C. And it’s pitch black. I can barely see where I am putting my feet. Strangely different than usually. Takes me a while to realize it’s a totally clear sky this night. All those stars above. Beautiful. But no moon anywhere! That’s why it’s so damned dark… And there’s no one outside it seems. During a whole hour I only see 3 cars.

I would have thought it’s more difficult today after the 30K the day before yesterday. But already when I start it feels as if my body is running without me. It is as if I had retreated myself completely into my head and my legs and feet keep running on their own. I can barely feel my body.

The cold wind is blowing over the fields. Nasty. A lot of noise around my ears. So loud it’s sometimes even hard to understand Train’s “This’ll Be My Year” that keeps hammering into my ears in an endless loop… Counting down the hours…“.

What the heck am I doing out here???

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