If you want to make God laugh…

The alarm clock rings you out of bed at 5am, you quickly shower, shave and get your luggage ready to leave the house, when you realize — it started to snow again! Arggg! Should have checked before… Still, when you leave it’s still plenty of time to get to the airport and catch your flight to Tel Aviv… Until you end up in this traffic jam that has been piling up after a truck accident and police closing the whole Autobahn for 2 hours… OK, that’s it, let’s try to catch the next flight this evening…

photo 2

This is DKOM week for SAP! Our world-wide internal Developer KickOff Meeting (DKOM), with local events in all major development labs around the world, offering our developers a chance to network and hear for two days what’s relevant for them this year.

I am excited to fly out to Israel today to visit Ra’anana, which is the town where our Lab is located, close to Tel Aviv. Mickey Steiner, our Lab Managing Director, and his leadership team have invited me for giving the keynote presentation at our internal Developer Kickoff Meeting 2013 at SAP Labs Israel. It’s the third year in a row, so I guess it now turns into a tradition…

I always enjoy visiting Israel. I like meeting and hanging out with our colleagues there. I always feel warmly welcomed. The folks in our Lab are true geeks and their energy and enthusiasm around innovation and software engineering is always inspiring! And it’s always an excellent opportunity to also meet my teams there: Besides other topics, major development of SAP NetWeaver Gateway happens in Ra’anana, in particular the Gateway consumption tools in Microsoft Visual Studio and for Apple Xcode.

Our Ra’anana Lab is a great place to be and a great place for me to share what’s going on in our technology platform at SAP from a strategic perspective and what we’re up to in 2013 from a priorities perspective. The good thing is, it’s pretty stable and consistent in terms of major direction and trends: So my keynote will be about the way how HANA revolutionizes solutions we’re offering, how Cloud enables unprecedented speed in delivering new capabilities — and receiving unfiltered feedback about them — and how mobile radically changes the user experience you’re used to in SAP solutions. What is even better, we’re seeing major progress along all these three dimensions and released products prove that we’re not just visionary, but that we also have an execution engine in place to turn these ambitions into reality quickly and effectively these days.

Did you know, btw, that our SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal — powered by SAP NetWeaver Cloud (aka HANA Cloud Platform) has been invented and developed at SAP Labs Israel? We count more than 500 active sites already and have more than 1200 trial accounts registered. It’s already fully designed and optimized for both desktop and mobile device usage and allows you to not only mash up new portal sites with applications, reports or unstructured content, but also to expose classical SAP NetWeaver Portal content from your on-premise landscape via the Cloud in a simple and secure way. And there are more than 12.500 such SAP NetWeaver Portals live at our customers today… So SAP NetWeaver Cloud Portal is an excellent example how we’re not simply taking our existing NetWeaver “hubs” and put them into the Cloud as appliance, but how we are redesigning our Cloud offerings from scratch to optimally fit the new use cases, but make sure to create the link to the existing on-premise NetWeaver infrastructure. The same holds true for SAP NetWeaver Cloud Integration, our cloud extension to on-premise SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management, where you will be able to reuse mappings or process models across classical on-premise and cloud solution. Or take Mobility… That’s the strategy we’re following.

It for sure will be a fun week ahead of me…

So now let’s see whether I finally make it to my flight to Tel Aviv in time…

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” [Woody Allen]

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  1. There is a saying in Yiddish – “ven der mentsch traecht, Got laecht”. Loosely translated – When the man makes plans, God laughs. I guess thats the origin for Woody Allen’s qoute. I can just say that here is growing warmer and you’ll probably need to take care about dehydration in Friday’s run 🙂

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